Show Us Your Favorite Headphone T-Shirts!

It comes with the territory: Sometimes I just have to post things that are quick and easy to keep the pageviews coming. It's not a bad thing as long as there's a little entertainment value.

I was chatting with a co-worker...

"Do headphone enthusiasts dig t-shirts?"

(He was stimulated by this headphone t-shirt image search...which has some pretty cool results.)

"Oh," I snapped back, "they love them!"

I proceeded to tell him about all the CanJam and forum fundraising t-shirts, and how there's stories in them. Well, at that point I figured why not, I've got some interesting Ts that harbor a couple stories. Here's a few of mine, please feel free to post up some of yours in the comments. That might be fun.

Ultra-rare Security Shirt from the First National Meet 2006

Progenitor of all CanJams to follow, I participated with the New York team lead by Immtbiker in organizing the First National Headphone Meet. Aaron (Immtbiker) had three security shirts printed up and one of the volunteers didn't show, so he offered it up to me. I cherish it because that first huge meet with vendors, press, and banquet was a turning point for the hobby. In some ways it marked the end of our innocence, in others the beginning of a market to take seriously. And headphones have gotten seriously better since then.

San Jose Head-Fest 2007

2nd (Inter)National Head-Fi Annual Meet doesn't have a very good ring to it, so the next year in 2007 the Bay Area team, headed by Voltron as I recall, came up with the name "HeadFest." Um...evidently "going to HeadFest, dear" didn't go down very well with the wives. Too bad, I thought the T-shirt looked damned good.

CanJam 2008, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Just as Stereophile had learned years before, CanJam 2008 had a hard time producing a big draw. What it lost in quantity it made up for in quality, however. The people made this event one of my most memorable ever. Thanks to Tyrion for this fine gathering, good time with friends, and coining the name CanJam.

CanJam 2009 Los Angeles, Protest T-shirt

By 2009 the hobby was growing like a weed. People are even messier than weeds and the hobby found itself producing factions. Let's not sweat the details in this post, let's just say that from time to time people print up official non-official t-shirts for large events. Calling them "protest T-shirts" is probably a bit strong; it's more like thumbs in your ears, fingers waggling in the air, while you stick your tongue out and blow. I'd be particularly interested in seeing some of these from readers. Fundraiser T-shirt

I don't recall the exact reason for the fundraiser—maybe something to do with money for the loaner gear pool—but Boops won the T-shirt design poll for a recent fund drive. I think it's the coolest audio shirt I own at the moment.

I particularly like Boops' "sex sells" approach as he pitched his ideas to the crowd with this picture.


Grado T-shirt

Pretty much half my wardrobe is trade show T-shirts from manufacturers; I must have two dozen at least. But Grado doesn't go to trade shows and seeing a Grado T-shirt seems rare to me. Not long ago Jamey over at HeadRoom pulled this on out of a box of promotional schwag he'd received. Knowing I'm not a big fan he was pretty tentative as he asked if I'd like one.

"Suuuuure, that thing looks pretty cool to me!"

Manley Labs T-shirt

Sorry, I'm going off topic, I know, not headphones (though they're working on an amp), but I simply can't do a T-shirt post without including a long time favorite for me. EveAnna Manly is just bad ass. All the stuff she builds is bad ass. And her T-shirts are bad ass. I think this is the third short sleeve I've had, and I've had two long sleeves.

Okay, I know it's a bit tricky in the comments here, but I'd love to see what you've got!

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Can't remember if I've got any others besides the SBAF tee and some old one I got from Gap ages ago (just has some cans pictured, seems like a popular silhouette image, not around the neck like your Google search link tho).

Also, my old Napster logo tee with "Got MP3?" and milk mustache on the kitty still lives 15 years on.

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UK Head-Fiers had a national meet last year in Cambridge and a very talented graphic designer (Dillan) created this T-shirt for the event - - please see thread post #185
That's the enigmatic Fried Reim (CEO of Lake People) proudly wearing his garment set against a lovely sunset.

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Famous T-shirt of The Mountain label

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I like the tube lovin doggie, which failed the multibit vs delta-sigma blind test ;)

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I love the one from SuperBestAudioFriends. Any idea if it's still possible to get it? It tried to find it on ebay but couldn't find anything.


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It was a limited run thru Booster with the purpose of funding the SBAF loaner program as Tyll said. Doubt you'll find many, if any, being sold forward. The slate grey looks even better, they might do another run in the future.

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Held in South Cambridgeshire ;-)