V-Moda M-80 Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of V-Moda M-80 Headphones (MSRP $230) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Masterfully tuned by a legion of legendary musicians, producers and DJs, M-80 packs unique materials, professional acoustics, natural noise isolation, ultimate ergonomics and military-level ruggedness into a design 53% smaller than its now legendary, over-ear sibling, Crossfade LP. M-80's first-class materials are virtually indestructible including a steel frame, STEELFLEX headband, interchangeable brushed metal shields, durable microfiber suede and replaceable memory foam cushions. The M-80 also comes fully loaded with two Kevlar-reinforced microphone cables for universal smartphone compatibility and an exoskeleton carrying case for added road warrior armor.

The nucleus of M-80 is its patent-pending and biggest-in-class 40mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers that deliver multi-driver sound with the energy efficiency and consistent quality of a single driver. To recreate a pure balanced sound analogous to Vinyl, M-80 uses no batteries or artificial sound processing and instead relies on immortal acoustic techniques. The masterfully crafted V-PORT V3 provides natural noise isolation, life-like staging, vibrant bass, vivid mids and vivacious highs.

By utilizing a 31-band EQ with select master musicians and producers, every step of the frequency response curve was finely sculpted. The headphone also offers long-play comfort through a tailored, fashionable fit without unsightly gaps and minimal pressure on the head and ears, the result of years of ergonomic research. Since the fit is the sound, M-80 utilizes replaceable supple memory foam cushions, a bespoke STEELFLEX headband and tactile arm extensions.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Sign me up. :)

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Thanks for doing the sweepstakes!

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I bought a new amp and this heaphones will be the perfect mach

please god of fortune

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My old Bose AE2 are starting to die on me and after so much of hearing of these headphones, I want to see what's all the hype about.

Tyll grant me power and Let there be luck!!

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Love me some sweepstakes (particularly those including quality/kick-arse audio kit & the like).

Thanks for facilitating this!

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M-80's are some of the sexiest portables out there!

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Might as well be this one!

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Thanks for the contest!  Just found out about your site and it's great!  Keep it up

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A perfect gift for a poor college student like me!

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This would be perfect to add to my headphone stable! As a student, I could use some on ear headphones!

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...they have this evil spider-man look to them.

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Hope to try these.

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Unemployed so winning a new pair of phones would be sweet.

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but I made it

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Gimme gimme

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with just one free pair of heaphones, you can save this poor boy's hearing. well, it might be too late for him. but i could use them, instead. that would be just fine.

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I've been looking at buying a pair of these.  Free would be better.

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...It would be nice to start a new trend with something that sounds much better. 

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Thanks for doing the sweepstakes!

I am planning to buy one, but having it from you will be awesome.

Thank you.

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I can't wait to turn 18 so I can actually have a chance of winning stuff like this!

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I think we should have given you another month of avatar bliss on Head-Fi!!! :-)

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show the beater crowd what a real set of cans looks like

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love your writing. The AMA was great. Thank you.

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I've been looking for a good set of closed back headphones for the office.

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Your AKG-K550 review really pushed me to buy one (to replace my Audio Technica ATH-A900)



loved your beats by dr.dre review ;)

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After watching tons of reviews I'm conviced these are the headphones for me please pick me yes

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I will not be able to win these as I live in Finland! HA!

Maybe you could do something similar with Sennheiser  Momentums for us europeans!

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to win these - pretty please ;)

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Great oppportunity, thanks!

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M-80 is really good. Overall a very good sound quality and by tactile sensation too.

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Would be nice to win this one :P

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Loved the M-80s, and my mother really needs a new portable set.

Kudos to Tyll for offering something like this, giving back to the community is always something that deserves a thumbs up (unless you were giving away Fanny Wangs)

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Came upon this since your Reddit AMA. Great site! A chance at a free pair o' cans is motivation enough for me to stop lurking. I'm in. Mark it, dude.

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V-Moda getting rid of bad music one headphone at a time...

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Hope to win !

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A great Ideea. I love them and they will make someone really happy :).

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Good reviews about this can are all around the net.  Want to try it.  Give them to me!!!

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First time I am glad to be over 18. :-D Unfortunate that I am way over that... :-(

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Absolutely love V-MODA and Innerfidelity!!!  Can't wait to get a pair of V-MODA's one day.

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These are so sexy, me want!

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i got these when it was just launced and sold it as i have no use for it. I still do miss the its BASS!

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for the win!

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Very nice curves :)

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Thank you for the opertunity and good luck everyone!

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You're awesome!

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Woud be awesome if i'd win

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Hi,i'm new here,but i can't win frownthis grrrreeeat headphone,i am not a resident of US

congrat to the winnercool!

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Luke: He told me enough! He told me YOU killed them.

V-Moda: No, I am your headphones.


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I would love to own the V-Moda M80's!

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i never win anything, and i lost $50 at kroger yesterday, just walked off and left it in the atm !!

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Great contest, would love to win!

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American only party again. We can read english in Europe, you know!

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I hope I win; doubt I will.

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Another Finn here hoping this had worldwide entry. Guess I just have to keep using my K-518s :)

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... to my M-100's!

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i woul really really really like them :)

I would hug them, squeeze them ... oh, and of course listen to them blush

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to have too many great phones.

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Winning M-80s would be badass!

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do want!

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I have been wanting a set of these headphones since I first heard the V-Moda Crossfade LP. For the longest time I thought V-Moda was just another company putting out cheaply made headphones and earbuds.

I was wrong. I bought the V-Moda Crossfade LP to write a review and was astonished at what $109 got me.  It was then that I read about the V-Moda M80 and thus began my lusting. Of course now there is the V-Moda M100 which is apparently a total reworking of the M80 with even more refined and robust sound and durability. 

Looking forward to your review of these new headphones.

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Hook me up!

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I have the M-100 and am very curious about the M-80

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Sweet baby jesus.

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would love to get these, hopefully i win!

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I want, please!!!!!

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Entering! Been needing some new stylish portable's.

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Been reading articles on IF for a long time, this just reminded me to register :)

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Thanks for the opportunity, I love this site!

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I would love to win these, alas I live in Germany, not eligible, they say. grrr

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Posting in epic thread.

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because sometimes the IEMs are not convenient, and the Sennheisers are hardly portable.

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Thanks to Val of V-Moda and to Tyll for offering us a great pair of headphones for free.  Val has always been a supporter of this web site and a very generous guy.  I had the pleasure to meet him at RMAF, but didn't know he was the President of the company.  He answered all of my questions and was very friendly; how many company Presidents attend an audio/headphone show and man the booth to meet potential customers?

Alondite's picture

I'd be more than happy to add another good pair of headphones to my small, but growing collection. I'm missing a pair of closed supra-aurals...

nyanfuro's picture

they look awesome!

Three Toes of Fury's picture

There once was a man from this forum
Who threw his hat in the voting quorum
"Id love to win these cans"
For i know they've got lots of fans.
When it comes to Vmodas..all adore 'em!

Peace .n. May i suggest a hunger games type contest next time?  Ill find a tall tree with a nice sized bee's nest to hang out and wait.

3ToF.....good luck to all!


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Planning to buy some cheap headphones, but if I win that'll be cool. <3 your beats by dre solo review!

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this would be a nice portable hp

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Hope I win!

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The best things come to those that wait !!!!!!!

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Nice headphone :) 

Hope i'm the lucky winner !!

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id love to win

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It would be nice to if I was picked wink By the way this is the perhaps the best headphone blog out there thanks Tyll! 

- Phil

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Great Headphones.

V-Moda is the best.

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Please count me in for this giveaway.

Great site. I love how well you guys balance subjective listening with objective measurements. I feel both have a role to play. Whenever im researching a buy i come here first. Thanks!

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Need a portable headphone.....!!!

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I've never won anything but this would be a great way to start since my only set of headphones (Grado 325i's) were lost recenlty.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you!

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All right!  Some nearly-indestructable headphones for the road!  Thanks for the chance!

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Read so much about these. Would love to win a pair!

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These are nice little military grade phones that sound smooth. I wouldn't mind partaking in a free one. 

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Oh man, it is at least worth a try. I have never ever been lucky though!

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Wow my first post!!!smiley

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So are these considered on ear because they are smaller than the over the ear?

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V-Moda look good!

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Thank you for the opportunity.

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You guys rule

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Heard these before and was impressed. Would love to have a pair.

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..Too bad us Norwegians aren't eligible. Oh wells. =P

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Very good pair of cans..!

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A great headphone going out to great people.  Sweet!

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Poor college student looking for an upgrade.  Some solid sealed headphones with mobility would be a perfect fit.

Skyline's picture

For a pair of headphones that I don't own, I sure have recommended these to a lot of people.  

Perhaps it's finally time to own a pair of my own :)

TechRavingMad's picture

Contests with easy entry are my favorite, well second favorite, my most favorite is the ones where I'm the only entry.  

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to win the v-moda's  thanks Tyll!!!

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to my now growing collection of headphones. i know, i know "Sorry about your wallet." :)

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Would be awesome to extend this out to wider audience...I work with 30,000 US residents who would 'be me' if that counts! wink

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to my now growing collection of headphones. i know, i know "Sorry about your wallet." :)

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Gotta love the M80s, me please!

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Never won an internet contest, hopefully this is the first. These headsphones has been on my wish list for a while now. cheeky

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been wanting a pair of these for over a year!

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Great contest. Thanks

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I want one!

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I'm so curious about their sound!



marty's picture

Well, here goes! As a relative newbie to audiophile, uh, ism, I have been enjoying the site quite a bit, but this is the first time i have left a comment. I guess the prospect of winning something tends to bring people out of their shell.

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Are you ready for my address?

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Awesome guys! Thanks!

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sup guys

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I love the design of these new cans!

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...... guy with the 4 pairs of beats on his head

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Thanks for this oppertunity 

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VModa Rocks!

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I've been shopping around for my first quality headphones and the M-80 is one of my top picks.  I'll hold off until mid March!

Good luck all.

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Free headphones please.

nick n's picture

Have to hand it to them, the style and build qulity is excellent.

 Crossing fingers...

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thank you for allowing us to learn more and more everytime with yor reviews!!!!

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Thanks for the Chance to win this beauty 

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Can I have one ? please.....

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These headphones have been on my wish list for so long. I hope i win but best luck to all of you! 

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It looks like batmans headphone.

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I'm not 80 but I want M80 :-)

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but now!

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Hope to win!

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Yay. I wanna win this of course!

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Good Luck!

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My son would so love these!

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I'm usually extremely unlucky with this kind of thing, but it can't hurt to try. Thanks for the opportunity.

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What a geat headphone to have a giveaway with! 

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Aww too bad, although I can understand international shipping can make it very expensive. Good luck to those eligible though!

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I was in need for some portable headphones for traveling.

Pick me!!

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Nice!  Thanks for the great work at IF.

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Luck, be a lady.

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yes i would love some anti-beats headphone (sarcasm not intended)