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Tyll Hertsens  |  Sep 12, 2014  |  27 comments
So, I'm finishing up my Sennheiser Urbanite review (it'll go up Monday) and low and behold they've opened up the Urbanite micro-site.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Genius or insanity, I can't really tell...I'm not the target audience.

Funny? Maybe. Weird? Definitely.

Click here if you dare.

Make sure to play the movie at the top of the page. Strangest headphone advert ever!

Tyll Hertsens  |  Sep 11, 2014  |  6 comments
Obviously, Adriana Duque's perspective on headphones is quite different than mine.

And far more colorful and imaginative.

I thought they were oddly soothing. More pictures here.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Sep 03, 2014  |  59 comments

Lots of stuff happening behind the scene's at InnerFidelity these days.

I can't tell all, but I can tell some.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Aug 30, 2014  |  23 comments
Lots of new headphones measured. Most of the Beats by Dre line; the Master&Dynamic MH40; the HiFiMAN HE-560; three Stax cans; lots of Oppo pad measurements; and much more!
Tyll Hertsens  |  Aug 25, 2014  |  11 comments

A complete and exhaustive look at the history of headphones? No.

But I learned some things and enjoyed it.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Aug 19, 2014  |  20 comments

Lots of chatter abut the Oppo ear-pads on Head-Fi.org. I figured I better do some measurements to get another view.

Did some listening too, and found a favorite pad.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jul 30, 2014  |  43 comments
A short film from Audio Precision demonstrating the current state-of-the-art for headphone measurements does a good job of showing why we need the work being done at Harman to improve a standardized headphone target response curve.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jul 14, 2014  |  69 comments

Argh! This hi-rez bait-and-switch baloney has just got to stop.

One of these days consumers are going to pay decent money for "teh awesome" hi-rez files...and they're going to feel cheated. Music industry participants need to tell the real story, adress the real problem, and do it damned quick.

It's about the masters and getting rid of the horribly dynamic-range compressed re-releases and going back to the original tapes. And the music industry participants needs to start transmitting that message so consumers know the real story.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jul 04, 2014  |  80 comments

Been a lot of talk lately in headphone enthusiast circles about subjective reviewer ethics, bias, and veracity. It seems to me a lot of the dialog is about symptoms, and less about the desease...or more importantly, the characteristics of a healthy reviewer.

Personally, I think the most important influencer on subjective reviews is the reviewers sense of mission.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jun 30, 2014  |  17 comments
Ahhhh....summer, 4th of July, and a bunch more headphone measurements. Lovely.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jun 24, 2014  |  10 comments

More Apple talk...that 3.5mm jack may be going away sooner than I predicted.

I have a suspicion that the major labels are up to good things.

And a couple of fun Kickstarter campaigns.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jun 22, 2014  |  3 comments

Here's a little something to enjoy as you sip your Sunday morning coffee. Me on Steve's Enjoy the Music TV.

Tyll Hertsens  |  May 23, 2014  |  8 comments

I knew this would be coming one day. Certain someones don't think I'm getting enough electrostatic headphones measured. It was bound to come to a head...at least it wasn't a horse's head in my bed. The Stax Mafia delivered the needed tool to measure any electrostatic headphone known to man.

And now I gotta deliver the payola. I think I'm gonna need some help.

Tyll Hertsens  |  May 16, 2014  |  3 comments

I think this is my favorite show. So many headphone enthusiasts in L.A., and with Mike Mercer's enthusiastic cheerleading the Headphonium will be bigger and better than ever!

What's a Headphonium? Sure, I'll tell you...

Tyll Hertsens  |  May 13, 2014  |  28 comments

Wow! This unexpected event was at first a shock....and then it began to make all sorts of sense: Apple, it seems to me, is going to fast-track "Hearables".

Let me explain...